Our First Disney Cruise!


meeting Rapunzel

On this week’s episode, we reminisce about our first Disney cruise, which we took back in February. We also manage to have technical difficulties, lose our train of thought several times, totally confuse ourselves, and laugh hysterically. Come along for the fun! You can find Episode 005 on iTunes and Stitcher. It you have any questions about Disney cruises, gluten-free dining onboard, or would just like to share your cruise tips with us, leave a comment below, or find us on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for joining us on this wild ride!

3 thoughts on “Our First Disney Cruise!

  1. Heather and Cale, I listened to your podcast yesterday evening and enjoyed it very much. I left a message and I don’t believe it took. It was quite long. Here is what I remember that I wrote.

    You had mentioned at the beginning a certain smell of the Magic Kingdom, the Pirates of the Caribbean, It’s a Small World. What do you think it smells like, just curious?

    I mentioned my sons played Dungeons and Dragons and Dungeons and Disney sounded like fun. Your Uncle Dave had fun ideas for games at his home.

    Also Wisconsin is a big cheese curd area and if I ever visited close to where your Uncle lives in New York, I would taste the competitions cheese curds.

    Your cruise sounded like it was a lot of fun. Like Heather I also am not fond of boats but it sounds like she did well and you all had a fabulous time. And of course the food is great.

    I had an ending comment, a request from Cale. He mentioned to comment on something close to the end of the podcast, I can’t remember now what it was, but I did comment on it.

    Heather and Cale, your podcast was very interesting. Thank you. I hope you get this comment.


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    • Hi Susan, thanks so much for your comment! The smell of PoTC and Small World is a musty water smell. That doesn’t make it sound very pleasant, but it is (in a nostalgic sort of way). We were so surprised that the water in our Lowville hotel smelled just like that water! D&Dis is so much fun – we can’t wait for the next round! Uncle Davy is the best!!! Cale is totally addicted to Lowville’s cheese curds. We’ll have to get our hands on some Wisconsin cheese curds to compare. Cale’s ending comment was something along the lines of… I wonder if anyone got nervous when they heard Sir Patrick do the intro (a reference to episode 4, where Sir Patrick took over the podcast and chaos ensued). Thanks again for listening and for your comment!


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