Stephani Simon’s Trip Report!


Remember way back on Episode 8 when our neighbor Stephani Simon shared her pre-trip report with us? Well, Steph is finally back on this week’s episode to tell us how her Disney trip went! To go along with her report, she shared some awesome photos with us. Enjoy!

03 Steph at plane window

OMG the sky is so big!

04 Steph at MCO airport

At the airport! Mickey is REALLY happy to see me.

05 Steph on Magical Express

On the Expression of Magicalness.

06 Steph at dance party

I loved the Frozen Zone dance party!

07 Steph at Space Mountain

I conquered Space Mountain! (Not really. It was too scary for me.)

08 Steph with Gaston

Gaston! I love you! Call me!

09 Steph at Cinderella Castle

I think the castle behind me is named for a prince or something.

10 Steph at Rapunzel bathroom

Prettiest bathroom ever!!!

11 Steph at Animal Kingdom

Things are about to get wild. (Get it? Cuz I’m at Wild Animal Park.)

12 Steph and Tree of Life

The Tree of Livelihood.

13 Steph and Expedition Everest

That mountain behind me is really a roller coaster. Can you even believe that!?

14 Steph and Dinosaur

Dinosaur is like the scariest ride ever.

15 Steph in Belle gown at All Star Music

Me in my Belle dress. They totally should have let me into the park in this, right!?

You can find Episode 20 on iTunes and Stitcher. You can find Stephani Simon’s videos on YouTube. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter. See you next week!

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