2015 Stuff & 2016 Thangs


Disney Duo 2015:2016

Welcome to Episode 23, where we recap our 2015 Disney memories and share our 2016 Disney dreams. Oh, and Cale teaches us how to do the Hayden smile. Yes, he’s still on a Hayden Christensen kick 🙂

Listen to this episode on iTunes and Stitcher, then let us know which Disney World restaurant we should book for Cale’s birthday dinner. Leave a comment below, or drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter. See ya real soon!

3 thoughts on “2015 Stuff & 2016 Thangs

  1. This was a fun podcast. Four possible trips to Disney World in 2016! It would be great to go during Halloween. And of course will be special for Cale’s 16th birthday in August. Heather, enjoy your “honeymoon” trip. This evening I’m going to plan our time at Epcot.

    Seems like Cale enjoys Casey’s Corner. I would choose Be Our Guest for my birthday meal.

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    • Thanks for your kind words, Susan. Be Our Guest would be a great choice! We didn’t even mention this in the podcast, but there’s a possibility that Rich and I may go to Disneyland this year for a convention. Now that would make for a truly Disney-centric year! Enjoy your Epcot planning!


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