Part 2 of our trip report!


DD and Chewie

It’s time for Part 2 of our May 2016 trip report! Highlights include the Kylo Ren encounter at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and gluten-free beignets at Port Orleans French Quarter. Oh, and Chewbacca! And, believe it or not, Restaurantosaurus.

Find Episode 33 on iTunes and Stitcher. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. What was your favorite part of our trip? Any suggestions for next time?

3 thoughts on “Part 2 of our trip report!

  1. Hey, I just finished Part 1 last night!! Grand Floridian is one of my fave places to visit during the Christmas holidays–that gingerbread house is amazing! Once when we were taking a break in the lobby, listening to the piano player, and enjoying a time away from all the crowds, a little old lady dressed so beautifully sat down in a chair with her bags around her. Every one of the staff in the area stopped by to talk to her and make her feel special. I think she was a daily regular who got away from loneliness/boredom by spending the afternoon there. An 80 year old woman who lived in our campground near Clermont, FL drove almost everyday to Disney to spend the day–all by herself. Very entertaining to see the crowds and be out with people, I guess. I can imagine Cale in about 60 years doing the same thing. But he won’t be sitting at the Grand Floridian, I bet. Hey, wait he may own the place by then!! Thank you, Disney Duo for your take on Disney trip!!

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    • Thanks for your great comment, Janet! I’m glad you’re enjoying the trip with us. And I can totally see myself as a little old lady, living in FL and visiting Disney every day! 😀


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