The Bathrooms of Disney


Continuing our trend of gross topics, today we discuss the bathrooms of Walt Disney World. (Bonus content: Disney Cruise Line bathrooms.) You can find Episode 61 on iTunes and Stitcher. Where is your favorite Disney bathroom? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Re-Imagining the Disney Wonder



On this episode, we discuss the big changes coming to the Disney Wonder. As a result, we get to reminisce about our first cruise, and talk about what we’re looking forward to on our next cruise.

Find Episode 41 on iTunes and Stitcher. Which change coming to the Wonder intrigues you the most? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Our First Disney Cruise!


meeting Rapunzel

On this week’s episode, we reminisce about our first Disney cruise, which we took back in February. We also manage to have technical difficulties, lose our train of thought several times, totally confuse ourselves, and laugh hysterically. Come along for the fun! You can find Episode 005 on iTunes and Stitcher. It you have any questions about Disney cruises, gluten-free dining onboard, or would just like to share your cruise tips with us, leave a comment below, or find us on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for joining us on this wild ride!