Dungeons & Disney: The Epic Conclusion!


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At the end of Episode 15, we left our D & Dis adventuring party in a bit of a predicament. A giant, menacing bird-bat monster was advancing toward our heroes. What will happen to Elsa and company? Find out in Episode 17, available on iTunes and Stitcher!

Will our D & Dis adventures continue? Only time (and Game Master Uncle Davy’s ever-shifting focus) will tell. Do you have any ideas for a D & Dis adventure? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook and Twitter. See you next week!

Dungeons & Disney: Part III


Queen Elsa

As we resume our roleplaying game, our adventuring party (Elsa, Eric, Simba, Alice, New Hope Luke, and Captain Jack Sparrow) race to the castle where Belle is being held captive. They want to free Belle before Southern-style Gaston and his band of angry villagers arrive at the castle. Combat and comedy ensue!

You can find Episode 15 on iTunes and Stitcher. We really want to know what you think of Dungeons & Disney. Please leave us a comment below, or on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for joining us on this awesome adventure!

Dungeons & Disney: Part Deux


Eric eyes

Join us for the second installment of our new roleplaying game, Dungeons & Disney! On this week’s episode, Prince Eric uses his mesmerizing blue eyes to gain information, Luke Skywalker continues his whiney ways, Captain Jack Sparrow keeps looking for rum, and we get to meet the Southern version of Gaston. Come along for the fun!

Find Episode 13 on iTunes and Stitcher. Let us know what you think about Dungeons & Disney in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter. See you next week!

Game on!


Captain Jack Sparrow

Join us as we launch a brand-new role-playing game, Dungeons & Disney! Starring: Cale as Prince Eric, Katherine as Simba, Weston as Luke Skywalker (the delightfully whiney version from A New Hope), Camden as Captain Jack Sparrow, Maggie as Alice in Wonderland, and Heather as Queen Elsa.

Find Episode 11 on iTunes and Stitcher. This is something totally different for us, so we’d love your feedback in the comments below, or on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for listening!